Fees Impact Investment Portfolios

Fees Can Drag Down Portfolio Performance.

A lot.

Small fees can make a huge difference in investment performance over time.  Seemingly small fees can have big implications.

The graphic above shows the return of $100,000 invested over a 30-year period.  The chart assumes the investment grew by 7% each year.  If the investor paid a 3% annual fee, the investment would have grown to about $324,340 after 30 years.  If the investor paid only a 2% annual fee, the investment would have grown to $432,194. Please note this illustration is for educational purposes only and is not intended to represent the performance of any actual investment.

Paying a 2% annual fee versus 3% resulted in the investor earning an additional $107,854 over the life of the investment.  This illustration highlights the impact of annual fees on investment performance over time.  Small fees can and do make big impacts.

Our goal at Fee Aware is to help investors make prudent decisions, and many times that includes discovering investment options that offer low fees with the goal of putting more money into our customers pockets in the long run.

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