Fee Aware is an investor awareness campaign, the brainchild of Registered Representative & Investment Adviser Representative Matthew C. Glen-Walker.

As an Investment Adviser Representative with KMS Financial Services, Inc., Mr. Glen-Walker is held to the Fiduciary Standard as defined under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940 when providing investment advice.  His goal is to help you further understand investments, and to be your trusted financial adviser.  Fees are inherent in most investments, including the investments Mr. Glen-Walker may recommend.

Matt Glen-Walker Works with Springer Financial Services


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Springer Financial Services:


We know that your livelihood, peace of mind and security revolve around your financial well-being.  Your investments are much more than numbers, and we understand and accept this magnitude of responsibility.  We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and character.

Choosing the right investments is just as important as avoiding the pitfalls of the wrong investments.

We guide you through this process, and strive to help you select investments that are fair, suitable and a reflection of your needs and goals. We are here for you to help along life’s journeys and challenges.  Remaining responsive to your needs in a financial environment characterized by constant change is our continual duty.

We are a comprehensive financial services and wealth management firm that commits our energies, intellect and knowledge to pursuing the financial objectives of our clients. We develop, customize and implement disciplined plans designed to pursue your investment goals. You may reach us via email at info@dasfinancial.com, by visiting our website www.dasfinancial.com, by phone at 817-341-7283 or toll-free (800) 445-7380 or stop by our offices ‘On the Square’ in Downtown Weatherford, Texas.

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the following precepts:

  1. Our clients always come first.
  2. We strive to provide the highest level of service with integrity.
  3. We must communicate clearly and frequently with our clients.
  4. Our products and services must be suitable for your stated objectives.
  5. Teamwork, cooperating with and providing assistance and support to our fellow associates, is fundamental to sustaining a quality environment which nurtures opportunities for professional growth and satisfaction.
  6. Continuing education is necessary to maintain the timeliness of product knowledge, tax laws and financial planning techniques.
  7. To excel and to emulate other members of our peer groups requires that we work smarter utilizing advanced technological resources.
  8. We must give back to the communities in which we live and work.
  9. Innovation is a requisite to our survival in a changing world.
  10. Assisting our clients in attainment of their financial objectives is a worthy enterprise.